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Emotional Freedom Technique

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This technique should be known by everyone.

This technique provides us both clearing of our emotional burdens, as well as preventing the very beginning of the formation of new loadings. Thus it has both a restorative, and also has a protective structure.

EFT is a technique that should be learned at an early age if possible, starting from the first steps of primary education. Because it contains important tools that we can make use of it, in every stage of our lives. It is completely technical and practical. At first, it must be applied with the help of an expert. When you learn the critical details, you can apply EFT easily on your own. In order to be effective, you do not need any special philosophical beliefs.

01-SI2 Small Intestine 2 

center of the ulnar (pinky side) ridge of the hand 


02-BL2 Bladder 2

"Drilling Bamboo"

beginning of the eyebrow above the nose

Sinus headaches, foggy vision, hayfever

03-GB1 Gallbladder 1

at the outer corner of the eye


04-ST1 Stomach 1 maybe 3?

2cm below the center of the eye


05-Du27/Governing Vessel 27

at the center between the nose and the upper lip


06-Ren24/Conception Vessel 24

between the lower lip and the chin


07-K27 Kidney 27

In a depression just below the collarbone where it attaches to the sternum


08-SP21 Spleen 21


09-Sore Spot ST15,16 Stomach 15,16


10-Du 20/Governing Vessel 20

"Hundred Meetings"- Top of the head


Emotional Freedom Technique

History of EFT extends to 4,000 B.C. Its foundations are Chinese, and Japan acupressure techniques. These techniques started to be understood, accepted, and revised accordingly. Some of these revised techniques are Applied Kinesiology, and Thought Field Therapy.

In 1990’s, a Stanford graduated engineer, Gary Craig created a new set of techniques named as “Emotional Freedom Techniques”. It was a simplified, practical, yet effective set of techniques.

EFT, assumes the existence of energy meridians. But, in the West, everything depends on the matter. However, as Albert Einstein showed that even matter is a form of energy. Using the same perspective, it is easier to understand that our body is affected by the changes in the energy meridians. Both acupuncture, and acupressure systems use the same energy meridian model.

 Using the same perspective, it is easier to understand that our body is affected by the changes in the energy meridians. Both acupuncture, and acupressure systems use the same energy meridian model.

The aim of EFT is to maintain energy balance. In order to maintain the stabilization, some of the acupuncture points on our body are kinesthetically stimulated by finger tapping.

In an EFT session, we intensify on a single problem in our mind while we are tapping at the same time. It looks like drumming on the table with our fingers when we feel stressed.

In an EFT session only a single problem takes into consideration. Finger tapping is applied to some points on the energy meridians in order to balance the disturbances in energy flow. So, the negative effects of that problem are recovered simultaneously. However, some problems which are hidden behind the recovered problem, come to the surface. Then, the same techniques are used in order to recover the new problems.

All stresses, and worries create some problems on different parts of our body. By using EFT, we recover them. Some EFT applications are very short. Some others might take quite a long time. That difference depends on the person, or the type of the problem. Sometimes only a single session will be enough, and sometimes you need to repeat the procedure for a longer period of time.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping, is revolutionizing the conventional therapy model as more people treat their physical and emotional traumas of all kinds with this simple and profound modality. 

EFT uses the Traditional Chinese acupuncture system without the use of needles. Instead, we simply stimulate certain meridian points on the body by tapping on them with our fingertips. We do not need to recall or re-experience years worth of traumatic memories to begin the healing process. 

Why does EFT work?

At the heart of all emotional illness is a common factor. Our brain is misfiring the signal to turn on our fight or flight response. (a useful survival tool when we are actually under threat of harm). However, once a traumatic event has ended, it is time to tell the body to relax so that we don't allow it to turn into chronic stress and disease.

Just as we have a stress response, we also have a relaxation response. We have the power to reset our bodies almost instantly. When we are emotionally healthy, we can move through life's storms calmly and confidently. 


I am Byron Owens and this is The Tapping Point
where we discuss EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Tapping, Energy psychology, and related modalities.

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